Real Estate Around Loyalty

“Loyalty beyond the Foundation.”

What we do

Our team is focused on two approaches in the Real Estate Market. Primarily, we are looking to help anyone who has equity in their home, but are facing the pre-foreclosure process. We are also locating off market real estate deals for contractors, Rehabbers, investors and get them a great return on their investments.



Why we do it

I, Nicholas Schulze CEO, has had personal experience with family and the foreclosure process. The situation was unfair and we are now dedicated to helping anyone and everyone in our area that may be in a similar situation. We have found incredible solutions for homeowners who did not plan on vacating their home.



How we do it

There are many public resources in our communities that allow us to be efficient with our research and problem solving. We dedicate all of our energy to locating these homeowners, because the solutions we have, are not standard by any means, but are extremely effective in fighting the Foreclosure system.



Real Estate Around Loyalty, LLC

P.O. Box 549 Levittown, Pa 19058

601 REAL 777 601-325-777


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